Marshal Company by using the best available seeds for each of the products has taken a step towards ensuring the quality of its products.


GreenHouse Seed

Green House Seeds began in Amsterdam as the passion project of founder Arjan Roskam. Since then, it has grown in both scope and popularity. Their breeding process is noteworthy because Arjan and others like him regularly take it upon themselves to go out into the world and track down the best strains from all over – strains that would otherwise remain unheard-of local favorites. Green House then makes these strains available on a massive scale.

Another factor that makes Green House Seeds unique is that they grow all their product without the use of genetic modification or fungicides. Roskham has made several television appearances to talk about his approach to cannabis cultivation. He also made a series of documentaries in 2008 called Strain Hunters that follow he and his team as they travel the world to track down the best cannabis strains and make them available to the general public. As a business, they’ve received a slew of accolades for providing a great assortment of strains that would otherwise go unexplored.

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