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Russia: New strawberry greenhouse to appear in Voskresensk

In 2021 in Voskresensk (Moscow Oblast, Russia) there will appear a strawberry growing greenhouse complex by Yagodnaya Polyana. The projected productivity should reach 420 tons. The Minister of Agriculture and Food, Mr. Andrey Razin, has reported the fact.

“Yagodnaya Polyana have started projecting a new greenhouse complex for growing strawberries in the Moscow district. The ministry have picked land plots in Voskresensk for carrying out the project,” noted Mr. Razin.

The company have been engaged in strawberry growing in the Crimea. The production unit has been working for 7 years now. Within this period, the acreage has increased from one to five hectares. The complex yields up to 120 tons of crops per year.

“The company will start the construction of the berry greenhouse complex this year. The acreage of the complex will comprise 6 ha. The planned amount of investments exceeds 3 million euro,” specified the Minister.

The greenhouse complex will be equipped with automated temperature, humidity and isolation control system, which will create optimum conditions for strawberry growing.

As the minister noted, the growers are now working on improving organoleptic qualities and productivity by testing new varieties.

The complex is planned to be launched in the first half of 2021. Mr. Razin noted that 35 new working places would be created with the opening of the production facility.

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