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Marshal Company started its activity with the aim of seriously participating in production of high quality agricultural products and boosting the export of Iranian agricultural products in 2016.

By allocating tens of hectares of agricultural land to a variety of agricultural products, this company has been able to increase its production capacity more and more annually.

Based on using a considerable amount of money, a team of specialized staff and also expert specialists in fields of agriculture and plant nutrition along with the use of up-to-date knowledge in production of all agricultural products, Marshal Food quickly steps towards developing its business.

Marshal Company, with emphasis on employing skilled Iranian labor, has been able to create job opportunity for more than 1,000 domestic workers and specialists. This company by developing the scope of its activity plans to increase employing domestic workforce.

Marshal Company currently exports a variety of vegetables and fruits.

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Marshal executive team, including local native workers, native and non-native experts, and specialized executives, receives the necessary trainings in the planting and harvesting seasons based on scheduled plans, in order to get the best results and satisfy customers’ demand.


Succeeding in satisfying customers’ demand for using a variety of agricultural products at the desirable time, has led Marshal to dedicate more lands to cultivation. This Company by using advanced agricultural equipment and also conducting different analyses about topography, soil and water identifies the suitable product for a region and then assigns the related team to handle the entire process based on a careful planning. Marshal has been able to gain the trust of its foreign customers during the years and has made a significant contribution in agricultural market in different countries such as Russia, Qatar, Iraq, Emirates and so on.

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