Succeeding in satisfying customers’ demand for using a variety of agricultural products at the desirable time, has led Marshal to dedicate more lands to cultivation. This Company by using advanced agricultural equipment and also conducting different analyses about topography, soil and water identifies the suitable product for a region and then assigns the related team to handle the entire process based on a careful planning. Marshal has been able to gain the trust of its foreign customers during the years and has made a significant contribution in agricultural market in different countries such as Russia, Qatar, Iraq, Emirates and so on.

Moreover, this company has planned to increase its export not only in Asia but also in other continents to introduce high quality Iranian products to the world. One of the prospects considered highly significant for Marshal investors is the use of up-to-date knowledge and technology in this field. Considering the arid climate of Iran, utilizing modern tools, keeping greenhouses equipment up-to-date and the development of using hydroponic cultivation, are very noteworthy issues; therefore, Marshal attempts to fulfill the aims below:

1. Bringing the experts’ knowledge up-to-date

2. Utilizing up-to-date equipment

3. Expanding land cultivation using hydroponic cultivation

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