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Equipped with modern, regional climate-friendly irrigation and ventilation systems

To increase production capacity in the agricultural market, Marshal has invested a considerable amount of money in this field and has established several greenhouses utilizing the latest up-to-date methods in construction of greenhouse and analyses of crop growth and plant nutrition both, to produce and export standard premium agricultural products.

Marshal Greenhouses are equipped with modern, regional climate-friendly irrigation and ventilation systems; utilizing complete greenhouse equipment along with the anticipation of huge rooms and cold storages at standard distance from the greenhouse, has led to this issue that layout and packaging is done in desirable standard conditions.


Succeeding in satisfying customers’ demand for using a variety of agricultural products at the desirable time, has led Marshal to dedicate more lands to cultivation. This Company by using advanced agricultural equipment and also conducting different analyses about topography, soil and water identifies the suitable product for a region and then assigns the related team to handle the entire process based on a careful planning. Marshal has been able to gain the trust of its foreign customers during the years and has made a significant contribution in agricultural market in different countries such as Russia, Qatar, Iraq, Emirates and so on.

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