Seed and planting seedling

Choosing premium seed is one of the most effective steps in harvesting a high quality product, so Marshal Company by using the best available seeds for each of the products has taken a step towards ensuring the quality of its products. In addition, the fertilizers used by this company are only used after a very detailed analysis.

Marshal Company by using its experienced team involving specialized experts in field of plant nutrition has been able to assure the desirable health, quality and beauty of its products according to its customers’ demand in the agricultural products market.

Marshal has also been very successful in planting seedling and professional cultivation of seeds. The seedling rooms of this company are operated widely by experienced experts using specialized tools till the end of the process of transportation and planting the seedling.


Succeeding in satisfying customers’ demand for using a variety of agricultural products at the desirable time, has led Marshal to dedicate more lands to cultivation. This Company by using advanced agricultural equipment and also conducting different analyses about topography, soil and water identifies the suitable product for a region and then assigns the related team to handle the entire process based on a careful planning. Marshal has been able to gain the trust of its foreign customers during the years and has made a significant contribution in agricultural market in different countries such as Russia, Qatar, Iraq, Emirates and so on.

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